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Dangers of Money

Dangers of Money Money has proved dangers in several ways 1. Economic Instability Some economists of the view that money is responsible for economic instability. When there was no money, saving was not divorced from investment. Those who saved also invested. But in a monetised...
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Importance of Money

Importance of Money In order to have a comprehensive idea of the importance of money, we can classify it as. 1. Importance to individuals in their daily life. 2. Importance to an economy. 1. Importance to Individuals in their Daily Life Importance to individuals in...
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Quantity Theory of Money

Theory The quantity of money states that other things remaining the same, the value of money falls in proportion to increase in the quantity of money in circulation. It mans that in the case, when the quantity of money increases by 25%, the value of...
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Value of Money

Value of Money The value of money refers to the purchasing power of one unit of money in terms of goods and services. It indicates the quantity of goods and services that can be had in exchange of one unit of money. If the value...
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Types of Money

Types of Money Generally the classification of money is based on the material that is being used for the purpose. According to the material used, the money can be classified as: 1. Metallic Money The currency in use or to be used when is made...
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Functions of Money

Functions of Money Money is said to perform the following functions 1. It serves as a medium of exchange. 2. It is used as a store of value. 3. It acts as an instrument of deferred payment. 4. It is a measure of value. These...
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Definition of Money

Definition “Money is some thing, which has general acceptability in the settlement of debt, or in transfer of ownership of goods and services in a country. The value of exchange of every thing in a country is expressed in terms of money.” Mr. Robertson defines...
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Importance of Labour Unions

Importance of Labour Unions Trade unions are of great significance for an economy because of the reason that they create congenial relation between the workers and the management and help a lot in developing mutual understanding among them. This brings industrial peace, which becomes an...
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Functions of Trade Unions

Functions of Trade Unions Trade unions perform a number of functions. Some of them are classified in these main groups viz: 1. Militant Function 2. Fraternal Functions 3. Political Functions 1. Militant Function The main function of a trade union is to fight for the...
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