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Means of transportation and communication means the source by which we can go from one place to another and also carry our goods. These are called means of transportation. Means of transportation and communication are very important for the economic progress of any country. These means included, Rail, Roads and water.

Advantages of Means of Transportation and Communication

Following are its advantages:

1. Local and Foreign Trade
These means of transportation are very fruitful in bringing raw material to factories and then carrying useful materials to the markets. It broadens the sphere of the local and foreign trade and import/export of materials becomes easy.

2. Transporations between Cities/Villages
Transport of goods, service and labour in between the cities and villages is important. It is necessary for social progress as well. If transportation will be rapid, cheap and easy we will feel comfort bringing raw materials and useful goods from one place to another.

3. Promotion of Geographical Skills
The superiority of developed countries is due to the means of transportation. Their abundance and bettermet is necessary, for our country’s progress, for this purpose opening of new land and sea routes is necessary being a geographical skill.

4. Promote Agriculture
For agricultural progress good roads are necessary. If these are efficient, transportation of fertilizers, oil machinery and crops are easy to carry from one place to another. Every village should be linked to city by a good road.

5. Speed of Progress
Means of transportation and communication strongly link one city and other. They maintain the speed of progress in different parts of the country.

6. Suitable Prices
By good means of transport, it is very easy to carry things from one place to another. All the people remain familiar with the rates of market and helps in keeping the prices stationary.

7. Increase in the Income
Transportation has much importance in the stability and economic progress of a country. good means of transportation and communication helps in increasing the income of the people and their standard of living.

8. Increase in the Revenue
Good means of transportation and communication increase the revenue of the government.

9. Progress in Tourism
Tourism will progress by better means of Transport. Tourists can also enjoy when they will get the facility of transport. Tourists can easily go from one place to another. Good means of transportation and communication help in uniting the different regions of the country and promote brotherhood.

10. Social Welfare
These means affect the social welfare of a country very much. All the people get benefit from these means for the progress of the society. These means bring the people close and they understand each other. Due to these means civilization becomes vast and unity is established. They also hep in the bettermet of social welfare.

11.Efficiency of Defence
It is very important for armed forces. By these means our soldiers and their armaments like vehicles, trucks, tanks are carried from one place to another for this purpose the standard of transportation should be very high. Good means of transportation ensure the efficiency of the defence. So the defence of the country becomes more reliable.

12. Increase Political Awarness in the Country
Means of transportation and communication will be helpful in political affairs. It also increases political awareness of people in the country.

13. Reforms
In the beginning provincial and central governments took various steps to remove the difficulties in transportation. Now by the efforts of public and government we have got control on our difficulties. New roads have been made and old roads have been repaired. New railway trancks have been laid. In the same way the sea and air ways have also done much progress. Telegram, telephone; radio and televison systems range have been made vast.

Tamjid Aijazi

By Tamjid Aijazi