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Major Imports of Pakistan

1. Machinery.

2. Petroleum.

3. Chemicals.

4. Vehicles and spare parts.

5. Edible Oil.

6. Wheat.

7. Tea.

8. Fertilizers.

9. Plastic material.

10. Paper Board

11. Iron ore and steel.

12. Pharmaceutical products.

Imports of Pakistan

Pakistan’s imports are also highly concentrated in few items namely, machinery, petroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, transport equipment, edible oil, iron and steel, fertilizer and tea. These imports accounted for 73% of total imports during 2006-07. Among these categories machinery, petroleum/petroleum products and chemicals accounted for 53.4% of total imports.

Direction of Imports of Pakistan

Pakistan’s imports are highly concentrated in few countries. Over 40 percent of them continue to originate from just seven countries namely, the USA, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Germany, UK and Malaysia. Saudi Arabia is emerging as major supplier to Pakistan followed by the USA and Japan. The shares of USA and Japan, with some fluctuations, exhibited a declining trend because of the shift in the import of machinery/capital goods and raw materials to other sources. On the other hand, the share of Pakistan’s imports from Saudi Arabia has been rising due to higher imports of POL products. Malaysia share has shown rising, as well as, falling trends over the years mainly on account of fluctuations in palm oil prices.

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