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Q.3. Describe the advantages of production planning & control?

Advantages of Production Planning and Control

Production planning and control yields the following main advantages,

1. Avoidance of Rush Orders
Production is well planned and its time aspects are well controlled. Therefore, production control reduces the number of risk-orders and overtime work on plant.

2. Avoidance of Bottlenecks
The incomplete work does not get accumulated because production control maintains an even flow of work.

3. Cost Reduction
Production control programmes minimizes the idleness of men and machines, keeps in process inventories at a satisfactory level, leads to a better control of raw materials inventory, reduces costs of storage and materials handling, helps in maintaining quality and containing rejection and thus reduces unit cost of production.

4. Effective Utilization of Resources
It reduces the loss of time by the workers waiting for materials and makes most effective use of equipments.

5. Co-Ordination
It serves to co-ordinate the activities of plant and results in a concerted effort by workmen.

6. Benefits to Workers
Adequate wages, stable employment, job Security, improved working conditions, increased personal satisfaction, high morale.

7. Efficient Service to Customers
It ensures better service to the customers by enabling production to be conducted in accordance with the time schedules and therefore deliveries are made on promised dates.

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