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Ester COO


Organic compounds that contain divalent functional group – COO – are called ester.

General Formula

They are denoted by RCOOR where R may be any alkyl group. The alkyl groups of ester may be similar or different. The general formula of ester is
CnH2n+1 – COO – CnH2n+1
Where n may be any natural number.


The structural formula of ester shows that it contains a Carbonyl group.

1. Dimethyl Ester (CH3COOCH3)

Uses of Ester

1. It is used as a good solvent for paints, varnishes, oils, fats, gums, resins, cellulose etc.
2. It is used as plasticizer.
3. It is used in the preparation of artificial flavours and essences.

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